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The Alkaline Movement Is A New Way Of Life | The Man behind Alkaline Certified & Alkaline Fresh

This single man healed himself of a chronic condition that baffled doctors just by changing his eating habits.

Meet Brandon Burell, the man who wants to transform an industry and make fresh, healthy alkaline food available in every corner of the country.

Former Wall Street Investment Banker and Serial International Entrepreneur Brandon has partnerships and works in over 8 countries in Southeast Asia and South Africa, giving him a unique perspective on how people eat and that food is as much medicine as it is delicious. He suffered from chronic sinus problems that baffled doctors and admittedly needed Afrin nasal spray just to breathe normally – Brandon knew he was missing something. Frustrated and eager to take control of his health, Brandon began researching and found that inflammation is the leading cause of illness in Americans and that the foods he eats every day were one of the main culprits. He kept seeing the words “alkaline vs. acidic” – but he had no idea what it meant. And then the green light began to flicker for Brandon, 40 pounds overweight, borderline diabetes, and chronic sinus problems that no doctor could figure out – Brandon drastically changed what he was consuming.

Within a week of following an all-alkaline diet, Brandon was able to breathe normally and the sinus problems that had plagued him for the past 15 years suddenly disappeared.

The better quality of life was enough motivation for Brandon to stick to this new diet. Lost 40 pounds and feeling better than ever before, Brandon pioneered a way to bring alkaline foods into the mainstream and make them more accessible – he created Alkaline Certified – a certification process that focuses on certifying and building sources of alkaline products, Dedicated to educating consumers and providing certifications. Working with scientists and research laboratories, Brandon developed the first alkaline certification process to provide high quality service to manufacturers, tools and resources dedicated to promoting alkalinity in modern diets in the shortest time possible.

Every consumer has the right to know whether their food is alkaline or acidic – this is rarely discussed. Alkaline Certified is designed to promote the health benefits of alkaline products and to spread education and awareness about how consuming Alkaline can benefit your health.

During the pandemic, the shortage of fresh, healthy produce was staggering and often much worse in black and minority communities. Brandon saw the affliction of his community and doubled down with a desire to help people who were struggling to bring fresh food to the table.

He realized that most consumers have limited options to purchase quick, healthy alkaline meals. Most food options are low protein, low sodium, low fiber ingredients fortified with soy and other additives like thickeners or gluten, which is not suitable for anyone but is often the only option available. Brandon wanted to create a product that would benefit all Americans and help fight obesity in adults and children. Customers rarely have the option to purchase high quality, basic, plant-based ready meals, and when they do, they are typically sold at an additional cost and are not available nationwide.

This is where Alkaline Fresh comes in, which will premiere in July. Alkaline Fresh will be the first alkaline certified meal set delivered straight to your door. The aim is to help young adults, athletes and families eat healthy foods and to help disenfranchised communities who do not have access to a top-quality selection of alkaline foods. Prices start at just 10.99, a price point that Brandon specially kept low to make Alkaline Fresh available to everyone.

“Health food should no longer be a good of the rich.”

Brandon Burrell, Former Wall Street Investment Banker, Serial International Entrepreneur, is the founder of Alkaline Fresh. He is also the founder of Alkaline Certified and Global Crew Services. Brandon has a wealth of international business experience from his years at Global Crew Services. He has partnerships and operates in over 8 countries in Southeast Asia and South Africa in the hospitality, cruise, hotel and banking industries.

After years of eating an alkaline diet, he found that most consumers have limited options for purchasing quick, healthy alkaline meals. Most of the market options use low protein, low sodium, low fiber ingredients fortified with soy and other additives like thickeners or gluten, which is not suitable for anyone. Customers do not have the option to buy high-quality, alkaline, plant-based ready meals. Brandon wanted to create a product that would benefit Americans and help fight obesity in adults and children. In addition to raising awareness about saving animals and preserving our oceans.

“I was never back with my weight gain and severe allergies, and I decided that enough was enough! After looking for ways to not only lose weight but also improve my quality of life. The basic diet had the most benefits for me and I knew it was time for me to make this a part of my lifestyle.

The first step in my journey was sorting out all of the foods I could eat based on their alkalinity and acidity. I started with a diet rich in basic organic fruits, vegetables and whole grain products such as quinoa, spelled, kamut, fonio, amaranth, wild rice and chickpeas. I knew meat and most seafood are extremely acidic and have stayed away from any alternative plant-based meats because they are either full of soy or have acidic ingredients. One of the bigger surprises was that white rice, brown rice, yeast, gluten, whole grains, and oats were all acidic and needed to be excluded from the diet. I also started cooking with avocado and grapeseed oil along with lots of basic spices.

Of course, hydration is always key, so I’ve consumed a gallon of alkaline spring water every day and started my days by making a green smoothie in the morning, which is mostly a combination of kale, dandelion greens, ginger, sea moss, bladderwrack, and moringa many other basic herbs. At lunchtime I mainly ate salads consisting of watercress, rocket or romaine lettuce with avocados, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, apples, walnuts, hemp seeds and created my own dressing with many combinations of oils and spices. At dinner, I got creative by using alkaline grains to make new versions of my favorite pasta, pizzas, and many other foods that were in my previous diet. In addition to the basic meals, I added many basic teas that brought several benefits to my diet, such as: dandelion root, chamomile, burdock root, sarsaparilla, ginger, and moringa tea.

After 7 days of completing this process, I was 12 pounds off and my severe sinus congestion, which I had suffered from for 15 years, was completely eliminated. I really felt like I had my life back and I was no longer a prisoner of Afrin and other nasal steroids. After continuing this lifestyle for 2 months, I lost 40 pounds, got rid of my snoring, sleep improved, arthritis in my joints went away, and my energy levels were better than when I was 21 at college baseball. I was able to run / walk 25 kilometers a day without fatigue, which also contributed to my weight loss.

I’ve learned that you can completely change the course of negative health effects by eating a diet of alkaline foods and beverages. I would recommend this diet to anyone looking to lead a healthy lifestyle and improve their overall wellbeing. It has changed my life for the better and can do the same for yours. ”

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