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Recipes with Whole Wheat Pasta

11 ’90s Snacks You Should Eat Again, Including Eggos & Tater Tots



From ooey sticky Rice Krispies treats that are crunchy and crunchy when you bite into them, to bagel bites that are toasted in the oven as an after school snack, to lunchables, the go-to choice among 7-year-old Bologna enthusiasts, there are few Things the ability to take us back in time, like the popular snacks of the 90s, the food of our youth.

While the original versions of them still exist today, they arguably aren’t the most nutritious things to indulge in on a regular basis. Fortunately, many have received contemporary updates – be it in the form of new flavors, healthier interpretations that meet different nutritional needs, or fresh interpretations from leading chefs. Here we see 11 old-school culinary classics in a whole new light.


Eggo waffles

Courtesy of Netflix

After their debut in 1953, Eggo waffles quickly became an American morning meal. Since a cameo on the Netflix hit Stranger Things in 2016 – who can forget the scene in which Eleven weighs several boxes of stolen eggos as she strutted out of the grocery store? – The favorite of the 80s has re-entered the consciousness of gourmets together with its famous catchphrase “L’eggo My Eggo”. Eggo’s appearance on the show resulted in a surge in sales and also introduced the brand to a global audience. For nutritious alternatives to the OG, check out Kodiak Cakes Power Waffles, which are packed with protein; high-fiber versions of Flax Plus and Chia Plus from Nature’s Path; and 365 organic multigrain wafers from Whole Foods Market.


TV dinner

Steven Gottlieb / Corbis Historisch / Getty Images

Though it had fallen out of favor lately, the pre-packaged, individually portioned TV dinner – which came up in 1954 – was once an incredibly popular option when you simply didn’t have the time or energy to cook an entire meal from scratch. As restaurants around the world offer delivery and pick-up options during the pandemic, chefs revived the practice in places like Lazy Dog Restaurants, Hearth Restaurant in New York, Marvin’s Food & Fuel in Chicago, and The Savoy at 21c in Kansas City. (As it turned out, the separate compartments are ideal for transporting and reheating cooked meals.) Of course, this wasn’t without a gourmet twist: A Savoy TV dinner consisted of Salisbury steak with mushroom sauce, vegetable succotash, baked potatoes, and chocolate babka Bread pudding with creme anglaise. Delicious.


Root beer

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images News / Getty Images

Few sodas evoke the same Americana nostalgia as Root Beer, whose legacy ranges from Archie Comics to Peanuts to old-fashioned diners everywhere. The drink has its origins in indigenous cultures as many of the original ingredients were roots and bark used in local medicine. And while commercial varieties like A&W, Barq’s, and Bundaberg still offer a perfectly adequate solution, this soda fountain king got a modern makeover too. Olipop makes its Classic Root Beer low in sugar (only 2 grams per can) and rich in botanicals (including chicory root, marigold, sweet birch and elm bark). If you want some fun, many artisanal brewers have alcoholic variants, including Small Town Brewery, the makers of Not Your Father’s Root Beer; Mission Brewery, which makes an artisanal Mission Hard Root Beer; and Row Hard Root Beer from Root Sellers Brewing Company.


Tater Tots

Given the sheer deliciousness of Tater Tots, Napoleon Dynamite cannot be blamed for lugging them around in his pocket. In fact, you can still find them on the menus of restaurants and bars, dipped in ketchup or loaded with bacon, cheese, sour cream and spring onions. For those who fancy a bit of variety, you will find an abundance of different frozen variants of the snacks on your next purchase. Sweet potato fans will do just fine with Alexia’s Crispy Sweet Potato Puffs, and if you prefer something heavier on the greens, opt for Farmwise’s Veggie Tots, which come in broccoli, cauliflower, and beet versions. Alternatively, there are Green Giants cauliflower and broccoli cheese offers: Both flavors come without potatoes and contain a full serving of the title vegetable in each serving.



Courtesy of Netflix

Ask any Asian millennial about their favorite childhood snack and Pocky will likely show up. Case study? The 2019 Netflix rom-com Always Be My Maybe, which shows a flashback in which the protagonists share a box on a tram ride in San Francisco. The crispy biscuit stick comes from Japan and is most commonly available in chocolate and strawberry varieties. It has expanded its pop culture reach over time, breaking the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest chocolate-coated biscuit brand and the most mentions of a brand name on Twitter in 24 hours (a whopping 3.7 million). Pocky is also known for its limited novelties, including a summery watermelon flavor with a curious cooling effect; a “colorful” edition covered with citrus cream and rainbow sugar stains; and a Brazilian orange product for the 2016 Rio Olympics. To appeal to more health-conscious consumers, it also launched a Pocky Wholesome line that includes cookie sticks made from whole wheat flour and oats.


Chicken nuggets

From the United States to the United Kingdom to Australia and Singapore, the humble chicken nugget has long been associated with cafeteria lunches and after-school snacks, and even grabbed a seat for dinner in eighth grade in 2018. And while Jamie Oliver’s infamous 2005 Pink Goo exposé may have put a lot of people off, the good news is that there are many healthier versions now. Plant-based brands like Meatless Farm, Nuggs, Alpha Foods, MorningStar, and Raised & Rooted – all made with plant-based protein like soy or wheat – are available in many grocery stores. Meanwhile, the San Francisco-based company Eat Just has perfected chicken nuggets using cell culture technology, in which individual cells are harvested from chickens and fed with various nutrients in the laboratory. The future is here folks.


Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

Courtesy of Netflix

Cheesy, carby and comforting: nothing hits the spot like a heaping dollop of mac and cheese. Kraft Foods pioneered its famous boxed version in 1937, amid the Great Depression. Since then, the brand’s blue and yellow packaging has become synonymous with the dish itself – it nearly stole the show from Zendaya in the opening scenes of Netflix Malcolm & Marie. For a gluten-free alternative, try Banza, which uses chickpea flour, and for a dairy-free diet, try Daiya. However, if you have the time, try preparing some recipes from well-known chefs. Wolfgang Pucks Take offers a rich bechamel sauce, John Legends casserole interpretation uses condensed milk and paprika and Ina Gartens is spiced up with sliced ​​tomatoes.


Snickers bars

Jason Merritt / FilmMagic / Getty Images

If you did trick or treating as a kid, it probably felt like a win to hear the pop of a full-size Snickers bar in your bucket. Founded in 1930, the brand cemented its status in pop culture with appearances on The Office and Orange Is the New Black, as well as Super Bowl commercials with celebrities like Aretha Franklin, Betty White and Willem Dafoe. Recently, the caramel-peanut-filled, nougat-laden chocolate got a healthy update. Gigantic has launched a range of vegan, plant-based goodies – which it calls “all-sweet adult candy bars” – including a Snickers-like salted peanut product that contains organic dark chocolate, tapioca syrup, coconut milk and. contains almond butter, complete with millennial pink packaging.


Pop tarts

Dessert for breakfast, anyone? You can’t go wrong with a classic toaster pastry topped with frosting that, oddly enough, never melts when heated. (Fun fact: Kellogg’s originally wanted to call them Fruit Scones, but eventually turned to pop-tarts before it launched in 1964 and borrowed from the colorful pop-art movement.) For a healthier version that is equally flavourful, you should Consider Bobo’s Toaster Pastries. The gluten-free, vegan alternatives consist of 100% organic wholegrain oats and are available as apple cake, chocolate peanut butter and blueberry lemon poppy seeds, among other things. If you want something homemade, chances are that one of your local bakeries has their own grown-up version, like Austin Paper Route Bakery, which has a strawberry and balsamic version in their repertoire.



Courtesy of Netflix

Sure, a bowl of yogurt is great, but getting your daily dose of probiotics in drinkable form also works. Just ask the characters from To All the Boys Ive Loved Before. The “Korean yoghurt smoothie” presented by Kitty Covey Peter Kavinsky is never explicitly mentioned by name, but looks a lot like Yakult, the Japanese milk drink that has long been a staple food in Asian households around the world. (The brand’s stock reportedly rose about 2.6% shortly after the film was released.) Available in a variety of sugary, kid-friendly flavors like orange, grape, and green apple, it’s an easy way to feed children with gut-friendly bacteria to fill . However, if you are looking for a probiotic adult drink, consider Siggi’s Probiotic Drinking Yogurt, Califia Farms Probiotic Dairy-Free Yogurt, or Chobani Greek Yogurt Drinks. But we personally like the original. If it’s good enough for Noah Centineo, it’s good enough for us.


Hot bags

With its “crispy, crispy, tender, flaky crust” and catchy jingle, Hot Pockets quickly gained mass appeal after its launch in 1983. Be it an afternoon kid’s snack or a college hangover regimen, these perky staples were the perfect pick-me-up when you wanted something quick and easy to prepare – and ready to burn your taste buds if you took a bite too quickly. You can find numerous recipes on the Internet that meet all nutritional needs. And for those looking for a modern freezer alternative, Mikey’s Pockets are gluten and dairy free; LiveGFree has an excellent gluten-free version; and Snow Days offers bite-sized, organic and grain-free pizza bites made from cassava and without artificial ingredients.

Recipes with Whole Wheat Pasta

Bringing People Together with Easy to make Russian Comfort Food



Russia has a long history of droughts and famine. Although there has been no famine since 1947, there have been many food shortages in the former Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union was on the verge of collapse, many common foods were rationed.

There were only rotten vegetables on the shelves, butcher counters offered pathetic remains of bones and fat instead of sausages, chops and roasts. Only last year, Russia stopped exporting its wheat because there were again fears of bottlenecks.

So it might seem like an odd choice when it comes to talking about cuisine, home cooking, and culinary arts. But the advent of the multicooker has made it easier than ever to try new recipes at home, and Russian food has a lot to recommend.

Why Russian Food?

Because it’s comforting, this question is the easiest answer. Russian weather can be harsh at times, and some areas are bitterly cold. If you’re from a country that enjoys a whole spectrum of seasons, you’ll understand that when winter comes, sometimes all you want is a proper comfort meal.

Russian cuisine can deliver dishes that are full of carbohydrates, fill the bellies, and generally satiate and protect from the cold. If you were from England you would probably describe Russian food as a meal that sticks to your ribs.

However, if the English think they eat a lot of potatoes, then comparing them to the Russians, think again. Mashed potatoes are perhaps the ultimate comfort food and are served all over Russia. Okay, maybe not in a pizzeria or McDonald’s. In fact, McD’s made a mashed potato burger, but chose to market it in China rather than Russia.

But the truth is, Russian food can be very satisfying, and while it may not be nutritionally friendly, it can be heartwarming and is often about family and friends. Much Russian food is homemade and shared with families. An interest in Russian culture and history could help bring people together in all walks of life, especially if enjoyed with some pelmeni.

Why are people now more interested in foreign kitchens?

Last year came the Covid pandemic, which is currently still ongoing. This resulted in bans, self-isolation and quarantines, not to mention far more serious consequences. The effects of Covid are still being felt in Europe and around the world. It could take years to return to a real sense of normalcy.

Due to the restrictions put in place, people were unable to visit restaurants and their travel plans were restricted. For many, that meant taking the problem into their own hands and finding a solution. The answer for some was to take up cooking as a hobby and try different recipes.

Cooking at home during the lockdown meant finding a new hobby, making better use of the time, and exploring knowledge of other cultures through the medium of food. The success of one or two kitchen appliances also contributed.

What is a multicooker and can they really help someone cook?

A multicooker is a device with different cooking modes and options. You can possibly sous vide, sauté, bake, and cook rice. You may also have slow cook options that are great for tough cuts of meat. Plus, they can cook quickly to speed up recipes that traditionally take a long time.

Basically, a modern multi-cooker like the Instant Pot or Ninja Foodi is similar to the older type of pressure cooker, but with many more functions. You have helped many amateur chefs try different recipes as the chef does most of the work and the food is ready very quickly.

Combined with Russian home cooking, they can be a great option as the meals can be prepared and prepared with very little effort.

So what is Russian food made of? Is it just a lot of cabbage and potatoes?

Why do Russians eat so many potatoes?

Okay, potatoes are popular, but some of them have practical reasons. When it comes to serving sustainable foods and ingredients, potatoes are among the best.

Every country has its own main carbohydrates when it comes to staple foods. This can be pasta (or noodles), rice, or potatoes. Of course, bread also plays a role, but for the purposes of this article we will consider the first three as they form the basis of many meals around the world.

Between potatoes, rice and pasta, the former is by far the most environmentally friendly option. In addition, in the harsh winters in parts of Russia there is often a lack of fresh vegetables and potatoes are always available.

The favorite dishes of Russians often include dishes with potatoes, but they are exchanged for wheat for the national dish.

What is the national dish of Russia?

Pelmeni is a type of dumpling that is usually stuffed with meat. It can be served in soup, deep-fried, buttered and is very popular. It is sometimes treated a little as a ready-made meal, but it can also make a hearty broth or soup with sour cream.

It would be possible to make pelmeni in the Instant Pot, and there are many recipes for similar dumplings on the internet. But maybe this particular part of Russian culture should be saved for traditional cooking methods.

Multicookers are often associated with healthy cooking, and it can be a shame to take away the pleasure of heavily buttered pelmeni or deep-fried dumplings by trying to turn them into a calorie-friendly option.

Other dishes that have been enjoyed over the centuries include borscht, blintzes, plov, kotleti, and of course, beef stroganoff. There is also solyanka soup, which is both sweet and sour and is considered the best hangover remedy available.

Borscht is very adaptable to the seasons, as it can be eaten cold in warm weather or hot in winter nights.

Easy to prepare Russian dishes

Provided you have access to a multicooker or instant pot, you may be able to prepare some authentic Russian dishes without too much trouble.

Beef Stroganoff has been around since 1800 when it first appeared, and was attributed to Count Stroganoff during this period. Whatever the truth, stroganoff is a meal from Russia that has spread to many other countries.

The problem with this dish is that many countries like the UK and US have adopted it, swapping quality ingredients for practical ones like canned mushroom soup. Fortunately, recipes from Corrie Cooks and other websites have now fixed this, and you can find much better versions.

Making the best beef stroganoff could mean a lot slower cooking, but a pressure cooker means you can get the same results in 20 minutes. To make the best stroganoff, use good ingredients. However, there are two schools of thought here.

Many cooks will advocate using beef tenderloin or rib eye steak for beef stroganoff, but others prefer a long slow cook with a cheaper but tastier piece of meat. When using the Instant Pot for quick results, opt for a good quality cut of beef.


Russian food may not be as popular as Thai, Chinese, or Italian. However, dishes from this country are prepared with love and bring people together.

Is there anything more satisfying than making a delicious stroganoff in just twenty minutes and serving it to a table full of family on a cold winter night?

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Recipes with Whole Wheat Pasta

Cassy Joy Garcia offers a way to cook once, get 2 meals



This cover picture published by Simon & Schuster shows

This cover picture published by Simon & Schuster shows “Cook Once Dinner Fix: Quick and Exciting Ways to Transform Tonight’s Dinner into Tomorrow’s Feast” by Cassy Joy Garcia. (Simon & Schuster via AP)


Some families just love leftovers. What’s easier than reheating and digging up yesterday’s food? But this isn’t Cassy Joy Garcia’s family: they’re not leftover fans.

So Garcia had to get creative on her latest cookbook, which offers busy home cooks a way to reduce stress in the kitchen by turning one meal into two different ones.

She does it by planning two meals that usually share one protein. She cooks meat, fish or poultry for one meal and sets aside something for tomorrow’s dinner that will have its own flavors.

“When we started putting this puzzle together to see what it might look like, I realized we were drawn to something that I already do and use,” she says. “I just never really thought of it as a formula.”

“Cook Once Dinner Fix: Quick and Exciting Ways to Transform Tonight’s Dinner into Tomorrow’s Feast” shows how to switch from a beef and vegetable stew one night to shredded beef tostadas the next. Or dry grated grill brisket on Tuesday and cheesesteak filled peppers on Wednesday.

“I like the idea of ​​being able to bridge the efforts of tonight into a future meal,” she says. “If you get stuck, you have the feeling that you are constantly catching up.”

Each set of twin recipes includes cooking tips and multiple ways to replace a gluten-free, nut-free, grain-free, low-carb, or dairy-free diet. It also includes a dozen pairs of vegetarian meals.

“Her idea of ​​having a head start on making something really big today that will be totally delicious and then turning those leftovers into something else – that’s the real way she cooks,” said her editor, Justin Schwartz , Vice President and Editor-in-Chief at Simon Element, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. “It’s a concept that was true to her heart.”

Garcia’s creativity was in full swing to make sure Meal # 2 didn’t taste like Meal # 1 Chipotle Beef Tacos, the balsamic vinegar worked well with the chillies.

“The biggest challenge was that these taste profiles should be very different, but that commonalities should be found between them,” she says.

In one pair of recipes, Garcia fried a whole chicken in a lemon and garlic mixture for a rustic country dish and then used the breasts to make an Asian-inspired sesame chicken for the second dish.

“You don’t necessarily look at these two dishes and think they can work together. But garlic and lemon are common in Asian dishes. And so I got involved in these threads, ”she says.

Her editor says Garcia didn’t take any short cuts or fell into the lazy trap of just making two similar southern dishes for first and second meals.

“Cassy has such a keen sense for food and flavors. She really brought that to the table, ”said Schwartz.

Garcia is the creative force behind the popular food blog Fed + Fit, which she started in 2011. As a holistic nutritionist, her previous book, Cook Once Eat All Week, was weekend cooking for midweek use. She lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband and two children.

She is a tinkerer in the kitchen and constantly refines. “I sometimes like to think that my recipe development method is almost literal, throw spaghetti on the wall and see what remains,” she says with a laugh and adds modestly that she identifies with the incomprehensible character of the Swedish chef Muppet.

“Cook Once Dinner Fix” is intended to help families escape the temptation to order and to relieve tension by planning two meals on weekdays around 5 pm: What is for dinner?

“As much as I love to cook, having dinner on the table can feel incredibly awkward and stressful,” says Garcia. “Meal two, it’s ready. It is planned. You know what it will be. “

The global pandemic disrupted the book – it shut down when the poultry recipes were photographed – but Garcia used the time to reconsider her work.

“It has allowed me to look back on the manuscript and see how we can make it even easier for people?”

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Recipes with Whole Wheat Pasta

Top Foods for Protein Sources on a Plant-Based Diet



Plant-Based Protein: Top Foods for Protein Sources in a Plant-Based Diet

There are many reasons for switching to a plant-based diet. One of the main reasons is growing concerns about climate change. Over the past few years, we’ve realized that animal foods may not be as healthy as they appear.

This has increased the fear of chronic illness and is one of the main reasons behind the developing imagination. As more of us consider making the switch and finding a beginner plant-based eating plan, this movement of focusing on foods from plant sources is a trend that is not going to fade.

Traditionally, people eat plant-based foods for a variety of reasons. These include religious beliefs, animal welfare, and health concerns. More recently, however, people have been looking for more specific plant-based diet benefits and developing their own plant-based diet recipes and plant-based weight loss programs. But what about vegetable protein?

Once thought impossible, the fact is now that you can get enough protein from a plant-based diet. However, if you are new to all of this, you may want to know the best sources. Read on to discover top foods for protein sources in a plant-based diet …

Photo, Edward Howell.

High protein plant foods to consider

Whether you’ve just switched to a green diet or have been a vegetarian all your life, you need to know how to get key nutrients from plants and vegetables like protein.

Protein is readily available for non-vegetarians, but vegetarians may need to do a little research. Let’s take a look at some of the most protein-rich plant foods so you don’t miss out on protein.

fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are probably the most delicious way to add protein to your diet. It is believed that all fruits and vegetables contain some amount of protein. But some fruits and vegetables like spinach, broccoli, potatoes, sweet potatoes, artichokes, asparagus, guava, blackberries, and bananas contain good amounts of protein.

A good selection of fruits and vegetables is sometimes almost all you need for a nice plant-based diet. However, it’s also worth noting that it can be difficult to get the full amount of protein needed from just eating fruits and vegetables. This is where dietary supplements and protein powders for vegans come into play.

The above points are especially important for vegans who are fully committed to this diet.

Easy ways to get enough protein from a plant-based diet

Photo, Vita Marija Murenaite.

Edamame, tempeh and tofu

Edamame, tempeh, and tofu are all derivatives of soybeans and are great sources of protein. These plant-based foods can be used to prepare a variety of tasty dishes, including soups, burgers, parfaits, noodles, and chillies.

I am milk

Soy milk is the gym goer’s choice. It’s a form of processed milk made from soybeans. The fact that soy milk is fortified with extra vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients makes it a really great choice for health conscious people.

Oats and oatmeal

Oats are the cornerstone of any healthy breakfast and the most common way to meet your protein needs. They don’t contain full protein, but rather a higher quality protein that makes them a great food option.

Easy ways to get enough protein from a plant-based diet

Photo, Shashi Chaturvedula.


Popularly known as wheat meat, seitan is a rich source of protein. It is made from gluten, the main protein in wheat. In addition to protein, seitan also contains selenium, iron, phosphorus, and calcium, making it a great choice for almost every vegetarian and vegan.

full grain

Brown rice, quinoa, brown rice noodles and farro ensure that you get the nutrients you need while still enjoying delicious food. We especially like to add ingredients like cashew cream to add flavor and thickness.


A plant in the Fabaceae family, legumes extend to beans, soybeans, peas, chickpeas, peanuts, lentils, lupins, mesquite, carob, tamarind, alfalfa and clover. Also known as legumes, these filling but tasty dishes go great with curries, pasta and salads.

Easy ways to get enough protein from a plant-based diet

Photo, Mika Baumeister.

Obtaining important nutrients

As with any diet, the benefits depend on the quality of the ingredients used and the amount consumed. It’s also important to consider nutrients that aren’t as typically found in a plant-based diet or, if you eat out a lot, a plant-based restaurant menu. The most important nutrients include:

– Vitamin B12 is typically found in foods of animal origin and must be supplemented
– Vitamin D, which is typically found in oily fish, can now be obtained from both mushrooms and dietary supplements. And of course the sun

Make sure to speak to your doctor when considering nutritional supplements to aid your diet and nutrition decisions.

A plant-based diet is known to increase your energy levels. It can be even more beneficial because you can exercise more. And be less sick. Also, spending more time in the gym means you can eat more. Of course, you don’t want to undo the gains you made from the extra exercise, so your choice of “treat” here is key.

One of our favorite snacks are the energy-boosting Hemp Energy Bites, which contain just six ingredients. In our opinion, digestible and yet enjoyable, this is an all-round hit.

We also have a huge fondness for keto avocado brownies, and since it’s possible to be keto and plant-based by replacing animal protein with plant-based protein, these are easy to make and tick all the chocolate monster boxes. You can read more about this type of plan here: including deciphering the difference between clean keto and dirty keto.

Easy ways to get enough protein from a plant-based diet

Photo, THE 5th.


There are many diet options to choose from, some keep and some don’t. Some might be for you and some might not. It is important to understand why you are embarking on a new plan. Is it a fad? For your health? A lifestyle change? Don’t want to eat animals? Or to help the environment?

Maybe it’s some of these reasons, maybe all of them, maybe none at all. Whatever you choose, do your research and adopt it.

Remember, protein is one of the human body’s greatest nutritional needs. After reading this article, maybe you are ready to give it a try and think about how to go on a two week plant-based diet? If so, remember that a healthy plant-based eating plan must include good sources of protein. From oatmeal for breakfast, avocado for lunch, hemp energy balls, nuts and seeds for snacking, and seitan, or delicious brown rice noodle dishes for dinner, this new way of life doesn’t have to be boring.

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