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How The Pandemic Is Taking A Toll On Your Child’s Mental Health

The pandemic has affected not only adults but also children. Yes, you heard it right! The pandemic has not only affected children’s physical well-being, but also their mental and emotional health. It is imperative for parents to ensure that their children remain stress-free during a pandemic. Follow these important tricks and stop hurting your sanity.

It’s been over a year and the pandemic has forced children to stay home preventing them from going to school or even to gardens or playgrounds. Even social distancing is one of the listed measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus, which requires keeping safe distances when talking to people. Restricting visitors to the home or avoiding leaving the home is also recommended to keep Covid at bay. A lot of negativity was observed in the children during lockdown. Children do not stick to the correct schedules during the lockdown, they have parents around them who tend to keep an eye on the children and many children do not understand what is going on around them and what exactly Covid is.

So they can be frustrated, depressed, anxious, paranoid, excited, violent, lonely, and obsessed. Your child may avoid eating or overeating. He / she may sleep on a stretch or will not sleep at all. You will experience problems like headaches, inability to focus on the studies, forgetfulness, nightmares, stomach aches, and even loss of interest in everyday activities. To top it off, they may also feel hopeless and get grumpy. They will scream or throw things when something is done against their will. Like adults, children are struggling to cope with the pandemic.

Here are some complete tips to help your child improve their mental wellbeing amid a pandemic:

Do you have a structured routine: Set an appropriate wake and sleep cycle for your children and try to follow it throughout the week. The routine shouldn’t be halter. Make sure your kids have a balanced schedule. A disciplined routine enables children to live stress-free lives.

Find out about the pandemic: As a parent, you must take responsibility for ensuring that your children are informed about the pandemic through reliable sources. Comfort them or calm them down by giving them the bad times go by and they don’t have to worry as you are there to protect them.

Give some space: With everyone at home, it is difficult for children to find much-needed space. Usually, you admit that we all need some space. Don’t nag, babble, scold, or hit your children all the time. Let her be alone for at least a couple of hours. If your child’s personal space is lost, give it back.

Get involved with your children: You can do activities with your children that they like. This will make them happy and will make them feel wanted. Spend some time with your children and bond with them. Play video games with them, exercise at home, talk about their favorite topic, video call their friends and other family members, draw with them, or even do yoga and meditation.

Reward your children: You can give the children household responsibilities to keep them occupied and then reward them for performing their duties.

Pay attention to eating habits: Let your children eat mindfully. Limit your intake of burgers, pizza, pasta, cakes, and other baked goods. Focus on getting all of the essential nutrients in your diet. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, legumes, legumes, and whole grains.

(The author is a pediatrician at Kohinoor Hospital. Views expressed are personal.)

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