Whole Grain Pasta vs. Whole Grain Bread

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Whole grains are good for health and deserve to be a priority in our diets.  Are some whole grains, however, better for you than others?  In a study from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, the glycemic index of whole grain pasta was compared to the glycemic index of whole grain bread.[1]  Glycemic index is a measure of how the food you eat impacts your blood sugar.  Foods with a higher glycemic index raise your blood sugar faster and higher.  Foods with a lower glycemic index raise your blood sugar slower and lower.  In this study, consistent with other research, whole grain pasta was found to have significantly less impact on blood sugar levels.  Why is this important?  Choosing foods with a lower glycemic index, like whole grain pasta, appears to provide some benefits for your health.  These foods may be linked to a healthier body weight, less inflammation in the body and a lower risk of disease, including heart disease.[2]  It is just one more reason to give whole grain pasta a regular place in your eating plan.

[1] Kristensen, M., et al.  “Wholegrain vs. refined wheat bread and pasta. Effect on postprandial glycemia, appetite, and subsequent ad libitum energy intake in young healthy adults.”  Appetite. 2010 Feb;54(1):163-9.

[2] Brand-Miller, J. and Buyken, A.  “The glycemic index issue.”  Curr Opin Lipidol. 2012 Feb;23(1):62-7.


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